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I like to wear booty shorts and a packer

Because fuck gender

Has nothing to do with gender, only gender roles and stereotypes


Just took off my binder for the first time in 96 hours. 

10/10 would not recommend. 

that had to smell really great





Today I learned that the Huff Post is fine with someone following men who have taken their their kids to a theme park for a day out, taking their photos without their consent and calling them Dads I’d Like to Fuck and saying “DILFs beware we will find you whether you like it or not” and actually refers to this creepshotting as “genius”

but how fucking DARE you put high heels and eyelashes on an M and M mascot character 

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Is anyone surprised by what Huffington Post does anymore? As far as I’m concerned they lost their credibility so long ago.

Sometimes HuffPost makes good points.  Other times it’s this bullshit.  *sigh*

Why am I not fucking surprised. -Liv


”I hate cishet white men.” typed the white cis American girl on her laptop on a website that was created by a white man.


I really like this guy. He’s great at what he does - video making. He makes you feel like he cares about you personally. Like he’s talking to you. Only you. Like a big brother who wants to help guide you where you want to go when you don’t know how to get there. 

That’s so weird, I just watched this last night and I’ve been subscribed to him for ages. 





This man was our president for EIGHT YEARS. We are never gonna live this down

"i’m not a tree, i’m a bush"


please tell me these are faked..

Nope they are real. 



straight white cis males do not like the term “straight white cis male” they prefer to be described as “normal regular typical defaults”

Actually they prefer “people” like everyone else but okay.





I’ve been going through a lot lately and a lot of that is due to the fact that the person who outed me to everyone is my (now former) best friend. In her “apology” she randomly told me that when she first met me over a year ago she considered dating me and talked to her friends about the pros and cons of my genitals because, in her words, “I was really into vag at the time.” 

I’m really shocked and disturbed at this and a number of other things she said, and she got mad at me for being upset about it. So, that’s a big betrayal and I lost my best friend. I can’t believe the way she actually viewed me this whole time.

on the plus side, the girl I’ve been dating said it was wrong for her to tell her about my business. I said I hope that she doesn’t see me differently now and she responded with “nah, you’re still just the cute guy I met at a party and have a major crush on.”

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Alright guys I need some help, what am I if I’m a lesbian that also likes FTM transgenders? I’m not pansexual but I’m confused and idk if there’s a term for what I am. Help a sista out.

Women attracted to men aren’t lesbians.

It’s called bisexual.

If you are attracted to men you are not a lesbian. Congrats you are bisexual.