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i sincerely hope i never have the misfortune of meeting a truscum irl

is your idea of truscum someone who would legit argue about who is or isn’t trans in a support group? because if that’s what you think we are no wonder you hate us, i’d hate us too

no but that is something you all would probably try to do in a trans group

i’d probably take us all out for ice cream.

Same, ice cream is fucking awesome and beats politics every time

Ice cream and steak tbh

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The handful of times I have watched transguy porn, the comments bothered me more than the actual video. “I wanna suck your hairy man cock and bet you smell like man stink too mmm”

What is that even supposed to mean? If someone said that to me I would be more creeped out than flattered. 

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I am a girl and THIS IS MY DICK.

It does NOT give you the right to assault me.

It does NOT give you the right to rape me.

It does NOT make me any less of a woman.

It does NOT mean I have to tell you about its existence before we sleep together.

It does NOT give you the right to treat me any differently than you would any other person. Simple as that.

I am Zizi. I am a girl. And this is my dick.

[nsfw image removed]

You might get a much better response if you have a different approach. Shouting about your penis probably won’t make people empathetic, nor will posting your dick on the tags.

This is in her about section “HATES WHITE CISHETS. Pronouns are she/her. No white cishets allowed.”

An attempt to reason with these people is just a lost cause. 


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maybe i would do that to my sandwich you don’t know my life


Saw this on Facebook

maybe i would do that to my sandwich you don’t know my life

Early to Bed’s Bro Sleeve 2.0 and Liquid Silk Lube review

I bought the Bro Sleeve for $12 dollars on E2B’s website, and I was pleasantly surprised at how soft it was. I was expecting it to be squishy but I was worried it would be a little too firm. I am 8 months on T and I would consider my growth to be average. Not incredibly gifted but not incredibly modest. Above, you can see what it looked like in it’s packaging both front and back. By the way, the box it came in was just an ordinary box and the return address was just “ETB” which was fairly discreet. Coupled with the lube, it felt very good. It has soft beads on the inside to stimulate you even more, and you can play around with how much pressure you use. I was skeptical that any masturbatory toy would really work for me, but this definitely got the job done and the price makes it a steal.

I rate it an 8 out of 10.

As for the lube…I bought the smallest option, the 50ML bottle, for $7.95  just to give it a try. After reading up on reviews and finally trying for myself I have concluded that it is GOD SENT. Unlike most lubricants, it is white in color rather than clear. This really helped me ease my dysphoria, as you can guess what I imagined it was. It is slippery, leaves your hands and genitals soft, and lives up to it’s name as Liquid Silk. It’s also water-based, so it is safe on all toys and for penetration if you wish. Next time, I’ll be getting the largest bottle with the lotion-like pump. 

I rate it a 10 out of 10.

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Seeing green.

Grey suit jacket
Navy pants
Black shoes
Green gingham shirt
Green monochrome paisley tie
Brushed metal tie clip
Navy silk pocket square with orange dots.

Looking sharp

These are my colors.

Anonymous asked: "Sometimes if you eat too much of one food you can start to become allergic to it."

That’s interesting. I never was a big meat-eater though. That could apply to the celery, however. 

I love cheerios, but the carb and sugar is too much for me. It made me lose a ton of weight but when my blood tests came back my sugar was through the roof. 

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I don’t know what my issues with food are lately. I haven’t been able to eat any kind of meat because it makes me feel gross, I have no idea why. My diet has been almost completely consisting of vegetables, which I tolerate more than meat but I’m mostly just picking at them. I’m definitely not getting enough protein. 

I used to eat tons and tons of fruit, but my doctor said that’s putting me on the verge of diabetes. I cut back and started eating like one apple and one peach a day and he still said that was too much at that point. 

For two weeks I was obsessed with celery and light cream cheese, but now it’s making me gag. I’m not eating enough to have fuel for the gym.

I’m tempted to try living off of some kind of homemade health-shake diet for a while. That way I can just put everything I need in it and force it down a few times a day and be done with it.

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my girlfriend (btw I have a girlfriend now) loves my beard.

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Track Title: Lithium

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Nirvana - Lithium